Shipping Container "Shantyboat"?

Discussion in 'Metal Boat Building' started by KenH, Jan 14, 2006.

  1. Gravquian
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    Just had to add this picture...

    oil_tank_boat (Popular Science, Jun, 1939)
    Just found it this weekend.

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  2. bhoffman67
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    falling off cargo ships???

    Wait just a second... if the "bottom" of the containers are basically just steel beams and plywood, it seems highly unlikely that after falling off a cargo ship, they land just right as to keep the bottom down and end up floating. Seems that they would just sink within minutes unless they were filled with rubber duckies or some such.
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    Re- plywood bottoms on containers ...... All the ones I have seen have welded steel floors, the plywood bottom ones must be 'special'
  4. apex1

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    That was 25 years ago, rwatson. We get older..........

  5. riverliver2b
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    Shipping container floors

    the two 40' containers I have are less than 10 years old and have very high quality (perhaps hardwood), 7-plus layer 1 1/4" plywood floors screwed on about 8" centers to the steel floor beams and very thoroughly sealed with some serious adhesive. While they may not float forever, I have no problem believing they would float for a significant period of time. Having said that, if I were going to use one (or more) for a boat, I would weld the doors shut and turn it upside down so that the wooden floor was on top, thereby simplifying installation of hatches, etc.
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