Shippax Technology and Design Award 2021 for the ferry “WILLEM BARENTSZ”.

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    Shippax Technology and Design Award 2021” for the ferry “WILLEM BARENTSZ”.
    “Operating in the shallow Wadden Sea, a UNESCO World Heritage site, ecological sustainability is at the heart of the design of the 70.65m long by 17m beam catamaran WILLEM BARENTSZ. Besides being the best-in-class and most fuel-efficient ro-pax ferry ever designed for Wadden Sea service, the compact-sized WILLEM BARENTSZ is a genuine boutique ferry with attractive design elements typical for the area where it operates. Thanks to large picture windows that are wrapped around the Saloon Deck, the main passenger deck merges with the unique sea landscape.”
    Operator: Rederij Doeksen | Shipyard: Strategic Marine Vung Tau
    Naval architect: BMT Nigel Gee | Interior architect and exterior styling: Vripack
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