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    Hello everyone.
    I am owner of new Shipbuilding and Shipconsulting company - MASSCO MARINE.
    Many years I worked as Shipbuilder, Project Manager and Production Manager in the former big polish shipyards.
    Ours engineers has a lot of projects on his account, and know wery well how to build and manage custom projects.
    My company would like to offer our international clients now, shipbuilding and shipconsulting in Poland.
    We can arange good cooperators for steel, piping, mechanical, electric and general outfitting works.
    We are able to organize complete shipbuilding process in Poland.
    For more information please contact as at:

    Best Regards
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    these people are in Australia, the principal is often in Europe, perhaps you can write to him
    Pl is a beautiful place, but where you a e is a bit grim in winter:))
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    is he looking for work?,, looking for help?,, or just an ad for an "organizer",,hehe,,,my mom married a polish guy,,, ya would think i could understand better,,hehe,,,sorry massco,,, im a little "simple" and "slow" hehe ;)
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