Shipbreakers, Pirates, Oil.. from East Africa to South East Asia

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    Hi people. Most of us in this forum have seen from time to time those "viral" videos of Shipbreaking yards, from Lagos -East Africa Pirates to South East Asia pirates etc.

    A few words about us:
    We have our families, friends! We have our papers 'School , University, PhD etc!'
    Future plans! New cars, turbochargers bla bla bla!
    We live in our modern petrol/gas central heated houses with satellite TV, DVD'S, iphone, blackberries! and many more 'wonder' electric appliances. More than that, we can drink a crystal clear(!) cup of water everyday. Sometimes we spill it because we are full and we do not want more!
    We have fresh bread and butter, meat, fruits, vegetables.
    We call our friends, hang out and have fun in clubs and bars.
    We get 30 , 40 , 50 or more euros per day in our work!
    "Our prime-ministers/ministers" spend million $ or pnds or Eur. for modern weapons to protect us! spend thousands of euros to make our living better (you wish !!! :cool: )

    A few words about THEM:
    They do not have a house or family because probably someone killed their families.
    Maybe crossfire an innocent man/woman/kid/husband/mother etc on the street.
    Our highly standard private oil companies destroyed their place.
    Drained the oil and left them fighting over a dead body!
    Oil companies have billion $ of profit, but country is still under the poverty limit?
    Till 2020, junktowns in india will have fresh running water, and a bulb for the night!
    They get paid less than 2euros per pay..( for f**k sake wake up <<modern>> age people! )
    They sleep on mud/ dirt/ plates of steel..
    Their safety equipment is a helmet( lucky for them, they protect their head)
    What would you do in their shoes?
    They steal to LIVE!​

    just to clarify I am not a pirate myself. trying to find the reason why things happen :)

    When I was younger , I really did not care about those matters...
    Stupid boy!

    I invite you, Haters or not what is your opinion?
    The question is:
    Blame us for draining their sources to power our wealth and let them die or
    blame them for being so angry and right to protest about their 'right to live'?

    Best regards

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    There are always those people who would rather steal from others than try to actually better themselves. Is it sad that there are people in the world that go hungy? Of course. Is it sad that there are people who live in substandard conditions? Of course.

    But being poor is not, and never will be an excuse to steal, murder, and kidnap people.
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    I am not a pirate myself. But our nations (EU union, US etc.) devastated them the past decades.

    Trying to think the deeper 'why', the deeper reason!
    ok. I totally agree everything happens for a reason.

    But I can not find a rational reason to destroy a country in order to move my car/ship or my industry. Just a thought!

  4. naupigos_gr
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    They are humans mate.. ok maybe send a 'packet' to each one of the criminal minds :D
  5. WickedGood

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    Thats Greek to Me

    A packet?

    If the cruddy little heathen mongers are that ignorant I doubt that they would be able to figure out how to properly sail a packet


    Whar did you git that saying?
    From a Orential swinging Basket Tree?
    "Nothing is half so much fun as screwing around with boats, except screwing around in a boat."
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    Stop blaming the US for everyone else's misfortune or bad behaviour! They are pirates because the choose to be. They know they hold innocent hostages and see but are hard to the sufferings of them. They would saw of your head, given the chance, and mail it to your wife.
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    They're pirates largely because their living as fishermen was stolen by fleets from foreign countries when the Somali government became unable to protect it's territorial waters. There is also the little issue of other countries dumping nuclear waste in their waters.

    The industrialized nations, and the US especially, is not entirely to blame for the actions of others, but we sure as hell contributed to the situation.
  8. mark775

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    Where are the territorial waters from which foreign fleets are stealing the fish and what do you have to back up the allegation that nuclear waste is being dumped there? The barrels of waste were dumped in such shallow water that they were affected by storm surge or the barrels floated, hence could have come from anywhere (are you saying that the European community, the Italians specifically, hires a firm to dump the waste and there are no further checks? "Well, there goes another batch - glad to have washed our hands of that!". "Okay, we're in Somalia now, throw it over" ? Rediculous - come up with some proof before you accuse). My guess is that somebody dumped some **** while at sea and it washed up there. Nuclear waste? I don't think so but sue them for a hell of a lot more than $8B or whatever.
    I've got a government stealing my money - can I then pirate with impunity? The person that would make excuses for piracy would also pick a pocket.
    Somebody said that the Italian Mafia may have dumped some ****. From that, a convoluted tale is told stringing all the way to some damn fool at the UN that says "it could have happened but we're not going to the ****-hole to investigate" and now, you would blame the US government? Always go for the deepest, most gullible pockets, I guess.
    B-Ham, I see. Huxley Alumnus, I imagine.
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    I really don't understand placing the blame on Western countries for the depliorable conditions of Somalia. After being granted their freedom at the request of the first elected government in 1960 or so, the country has gone through cycle after cycle of revolution and counter-revolution. Including coups perpetrated by the military at least twice. Since the British left there has been a huge decline in literacy, income, and a parrallel, increase in child mortality, crime, and corruption.

    Sadly Somalia is a country that has been unable to govern itself due to a population so intent on ethnic strife that they cannot see the benefit to all in having a well ordered government. While this is sad, it is not the fault of Western Democracies. And trying to excuse the actions of murderous kidnapping people by saying "but they were exploited in the 1850's" is the worst type of inanity.
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