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    RANCHI OTTO Naval Architect

    We are looking for a ship's surveyor for far east country.
    Working place is the design office of the shipyard.
    Basic contract 6 months with possibility to extend it.
    Musts are fluent english and good knowledge of shipyard production system and knowledge of technical drawings.
    Very interesting financial opportunity.

    If interested send your C.V. to
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    Dear Sir,
    We are ship building engineers and now working for Vinashin Group in Vietnam. Our work is to design the technology in ship building by using the softwares such as Ship Constructor 2005, Ship Constructor 2006 R2... With this software, we have made many big ships the loading capacity of which are 53000 DWT, 34000 DWT... This software has many modul such as: Hull, Structure, Nest, CNC, Assembly, Pinjin... and we are all expert on them.
    We would like to talk about our work process so that you can know thoroughly about us: based on the technical planning, we deploy the technology design and the end-products are CNC part and Assembly drawing (we will send you one full-done block if you want ). Our group has been founded for the purpose of working for foreign projects. Thus, we would be grateful if we could co-operate with you. If possible, tyour company will have a lot of advantages because the cost of labour in Vietnam is much cheaper than other countries. Besides, we can use the Internet and our transaction will be made through the Internet.
    We hope that we could co-operate with you soon.We look forward to hearing from you. If you want to have more information, please don't hesitate contact us. Our email ID is :
    Thanks and best regards,
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