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Discussion in 'Sterndrives' started by 77 crusader, Sep 14, 2014.

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    Hello everyone and thanks to all for your help with my previous issue.
    All went wonderfully she nows purrs like a kitten, runs hard and fast!

    New issue, took it for a warm up spin was great!! put it into neutral when out in the water and then no forward....
    I've adjusted the linkage to the max and I can have either forward with no reverse and barely a neutral, or have neutral with reverse. I had a marine guy look at it, and his diagnostic conclusion was in the lower shift.
    I've removed the stern unit.

    A) water in with drive shaft, no crack in the boot. Is there a gasket that goes there? ( I have none)
    B) no forward etc.. Is this a problem that others have had? is it in the lower unit? whats the fix? (I'm a mechanic but new to the marine things)

    Thanks once again.
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    Who ever the "marine guy" was, maybe you should not go back to him. It could be a few different things and as simple as a broken, uncoupled or bound up linkage. Which drive do you have and have you purchased a manual for this yet? I should be the very first thing you get, so you know how things work, come apart, etc.
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    A) There should be a gasket between the drive and the gimbal assembly. A small amount of water may still come in through the lower shift cable and/or the shift shaft. And moisture can get in from the engine bay and condensate.

    B) now that you have the drive removed it is easy to diagnose whether or not the the lower unit has an issue. The most common cause is a shift shaft that cannot turn freely or the lower shift cable suffering from corrosion internally.

  4. 77 crusader
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    77 crusader Junior Member

    The cables are in good shape and move easily, there is a small key like shaft that turns left or right on the lower unit. My question is has anyone ever had to change things in the lower because of shift problems?
    My cables have enough movement and with separated from gimbal I see how it all works. I don't think my problem lies in the gimbal section, I can be wrong! but it shows movement and the rod twists, I have my cable maxed out in order to get a forward, when I do so I loose reverse and vise versa, which leeds me to believe its in the lower something worn out perhaps... I'm 3 years older then the boat... I have parts that are worn out!! hahaha
    I'm hoping this is a cheaper fix as I still have the interior and so far so good, $200 in on top of purchase, just did the timing chain cover and seals complete clean out of reservoirs and exchanger.. still have a leak somewhere, but very manageable!!
    Thanks for the heads up on the gasket!!
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