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    HYDROCourses is the newest innovation from HydroComp, Inc.

    HydroComp provides engineering tools to develop ships, boats, and other marine vehicles – and their propellers – more efficiently and responsibly. Leading the industry in applied hydrodynamics and propeller design for more than 35 years, HydroComp’s software and training accelerate time-to-market with superior outcomes for your products and designs.

    Our new HYDROCourses were designed to provide clear and consistent content and to facilitate easy-to-understand delivery of typically complex topics. These courses will sharpen your existing proficiencies - or even build new skills - while providing practical and insightful knowledge. Explore key subjects about hydrodynamics and propellers in a flexible on-demand format, so learning is at your own pace and convenience.

    Courses include:
    • Engine Power Curves
    • 3D Propeller CAD
    • Sea Trials for Design
    • Propeller Repitching
    • Pushboats and Propellers

    Professional Development Hours (PDH) are available. Contact your professional organization.
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