Shape and features of micro coastal racer

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by smilicus, May 21, 2015.

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    Hello All

    I lurk in the background of this forum a lot and sometimes get a bit active in some of the topics.

    Just to state: I am not an accomplished designer or a designer at all, but boat shapes and the various features, eg Keel, etc fascinate me...and I am a sucker for a boat with "smooth" lines.

    That said...I have always dreamed of doing some solo regattas, coastal passages in a very small sit-in sailboat (3m or less). TO date I have not come across anything I like or I feel suits my needs.

    On the one end you have boats like Minuet ; Paradox; Illusion and then there is a guy that built a larger Minuet out of Cardboard and fiberglass.

    These boats all seem to me very slow (I know, due to their size their hull speed is slow) and feel that if you are out there, out of a safe harbour or pond, you have a real risk of sinking.

    Then on the other end you have boats like the Around in Ten contestants, fafnir, Micro Cruiser, etc. But these boats are built for ocean crossing and long voyage where I will mainly be doing day sails.

    My question to you, for a boat under 3m / 12ft and sailing in coastal waters:

    What hull shape would be best for sea worthiness?
    What hull shape would be best for speed?
    What keel shape?

    I would like the cabin to be able to seal if the weather gets rough and would like a simple sail configuration so reefing and rigging the boat would be easy.

    P.S. I know this dream might be far fetched, but hey, aren't we all dreamers in someway?
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    Why 3 meters?

    Why 3 meters long if you want a racer? My question to start with would be how much payload and under what conditions shall the boat be sailed.

    Attached file is a completely different concept. It can be the basis for a small boat that sails much better than the short boats you mention. Length - weight ratio are absolutely crucial if you want to sail fast.

    View attachment Helsa Rediviva 50-50 eng pdf.pdf
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    How about a scamp with an extended cabin? Perhaps the designer would approve such a modification.

  4. upchurchmr
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    There are threads about others doing this exact thing.
    Mannie's 10
    Yirvind something.

    They are more like cruisers, not racers. There is no point in racing in a bath tub, IMHO.

    What is the hull speed limit for 12'? 1.34x square root of wl length = 4.6 kts.
    for 20' = 6 kts or 30% faster.
    If you want to race you really shouldn't cripple yourself at the start.

    Why not do a Pod type catamaran, hull speed is not a limit.
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