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    I am going to be building a shanty boat in the spring when it starts warming up. I am going to be making the boat to measurements I came up with, and designed from my feeling on how it should be made. Mostly going to be a fairly simple build. A lot of straight lines and 45 degree angles. A large open cabin, hammocks for sleeping, two stoves, A loft with a big bed raised from the level of the roof, a roof garden that is run off of hydroponics which will filter our shower/sink water, small chicken coop, and a small darkroom to develop tintypes in. There are going to be a lot of additions and small innovations. We plan to run some things off a few solar panels like the hydroponic garden. The boat will be 20x11, the cabin 12x10 maybe a little bit longer not sure yet. It is going to have two power options that we have to decide on. One an outboard motor. the second a paddle wheel. but to use the paddle wheel I need to find a good motor/way to run it fuel efficiently. If anyone has any thoughts of ideas for out boat let me know.
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