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    It seems that Shannon Yachts, venerable builder of just about indestructible blue water boats is trying not one but three new monohull motorsailer designs. One is for Bob Bitchin publisher of Latitudes and Attitudes.

    All three designs have twin engines and inside steering.

    The 53 is the most unconventional based on Shannon's shoal draft design called the Shoal Sailer. I've sailed on one of the Shoal Sailers and found the sailing performance and motion in a sea far better than I would have expected given it's wide stern and flat aft sections. And it's a ketch! I'm so happy to see someone still knows how to build one (and evidently someone else is also willing to pay for one)

    I understand their production bays are full, they have a backlog of orders and are hiring (a good thing since Rhode Island has the highest unemployment in the US)

    It's great to see someone trying something new in motorsailers. Especially ones that are more "sail" than "motor". Should be interesting to see what develops.

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