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Discussion in 'Props' started by gabriel, Sep 7, 2013.

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    Hi Every One

    I Need To Change The Shat Packing Of My Old Bertram, But I Saw A Neighbor That Swithed From The Stuffing Box System To The Dripless Shat Seal. Anyone That Might Tell Me More About This System And Wether It Is Worth The Expense?

  2. tom kane
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    Anything to get away from a leaking stuffing box is an improvement. Most boats have the stuffing boxes on the keel-son, to low below the water level of the outside of the hull. An extension hose can make a big difference to the pressure of the water trying to sink you.
    You may need to have a water cooled packing system.
  3. whitepointer23

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    i fitted a pss dripless shaft seal to one of my boats and it was fantastic. last for years to. you do have to check them if you operate in weedy areas. seaweed spirals up the shaft and pushs the two faces apart. i fitted a vent hose to mine for trailing. you would not go back to a rope seal after having one.
  4. gabriel
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    gabriel Junior Member

    Thanks Guys For Your Opinions, Once Installed The Dripless Sealshaft. How Often The O-rings Or Seals Need To Be Replaced ? Any Suggestions On Which Brand You Like Better.

  5. Bglad
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    I recently contacted Tides Marine about their lip type seals. There is no recommended service interval. They said when they start to leak replace them.

    The lip type seals are also available for rudder ports. Same service advice as above. Also rudder rudder seals can tolerate substantial bearing wear before the bearings need replacement.

    I would probably go with PSS on my own boat but like the fact that spare seals can be installed on the shaft for the lip type seal systems.

    If you are a serious offshore cruiser stick with a packing gland. They require attention but are way more rugged and can be fixed in a pinch with onboard stuff without going to a yard.
  6. sdowney717
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    I use GFO marine packing and it is great, no dripping and you keep your stuffing box as is.
    Got to be the best cheapest solution to go with.

    Seriously, it also runs cool. It has been on the boat for about 5 years and I tightened it twice.

  7. michael pierzga
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    michael pierzga Senior Member

    Every few years, regaurdless of engine hours, propshafts are pulled and inspected , cutless bearing are replaced. A worn cultlass will deteriorate your shaft seal very rapidly.

    Enginemisalignment will ruin your shaft seal

    The lastdrop type mechanical seals are very good....old fashion packing also works well. Its your choice.
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