shadow yachts - how are they classified

Discussion in 'Class Societies' started by Armada01, Nov 28, 2016.

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    Armada01 Junior Member

    Under which class falls a "shadow yacht", like Arcadia's Sherpa?

    - no sleeping passengers
    - some cabins for crew aboard

    Is it still a pleasure yacht if it were used to support another yacht, merely transports toys and berths crew? Or is it a cargo vessel?

    Does it have much lower requirements in terms of design than a true pleasure yacht?
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    Looks like its got berths for passengers. Crew don't get king or queen beds.

    I do remember reading about a class of boat solely designed to accompany or more likely preposition ahead of a mega yacht and carry other boats, maybe a copter, etc.

    I guess you'd call them "utility", "service", or "support".

    "luxury utility"? The Cadillac Escalade of the Seas?

    Toy Hauler

    "Toy Haulers" are mostly trailers but also come self propelled as shown above.
  3. fcfc
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    The arcadia 85 is a recreational craft Under EU RCD. (ISO Hull Length Lh = 23.97m)

    Passengers does not mean sleeping passengers.

    Tenders [for pleasure crafts] (at least in France) that have Lh between 2.4m and 24m are recreational craft and have to comply with EU RCD.
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  4. The Q
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    You are either a commercial vessel with paying passengers / cargo and a commercial vessels legal requirements.
    Or you are not a commercial vessel and have a recreational vessels legal requirements.

    If I've understood the blurb corretly then this boat would be called in old terminology a tender, as it supports another vessel, it could be a commercial tender or a recreational tender.

    Calling things "Shadow Yachts" is just advertising.
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