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    Alan C McClure Associates (ACMA) is seeking a Senior Naval Architect to lead and direct the hydrodynamics work in the office.

    The ideal candidate should have a strong background in the practical application of hydrodynamics analysis for vessel motions and mooring analyses. They should possess the ability to visualize and analyze all manner of hydrodynamic problems, from ship motions, to offshore moorings, to ship channel design.

    Experience with 3-D diffraction programs (WAMIT, AQWA or similar) is essential, CFD experience is a definite asset. Familiarity with model testing is an additional asset, including knowledge of test program specification and the ability to review test results with a critical eye.

    While being grounded in hydrodynamics, the successful candidate should have a broad understanding of Naval Architecture, which allows them to coordinate and communicate with the structural, stability, and systems focused engineers.

    Job Description:
    • Direct and Perform motions and mooring analyses, using AQWA, WAMIT, and Star CCM+
    • Coordinate analysis work with lead structural engineers, to provide required accelerations and hydrodynamic loading for FEA analyses.
    • Direct and perform resistance prediction analyses using NAVCAD and Star CCM+
    • Direct and perform stability analyses for ships and offshore units.
    • Direct and perform concept design studies, including preparation of vessel arrangements.
    • Oversee and mentor Junior Naval Architects working in hydrodynamic areas
    • Occasionally visit shipyards to survey vessels
    • Represent ACMA at client meetings, and assist in marketing and project management activities
    • Prepare Reports and Presentations for clients
    • Provide support to proposal writing activities
    • Provide high level Naval Architecture support for projects conducted in collaboration with other engineering firms.

    Job Requirements:
    8 – 10 years experience as a Naval Architect
    • Masters degree in Engineering (preferred)
    • Familiarity with Class, US and International Regulations
    • Working knowledge of 3-D diffraction program (AQWA or WAMIT preferred)
    • Experience with CFD analysis software an asset
    • Familiarity with FORTRAN or similar programming language an asset
    • Proficiency in English, both written and verbal
    • P.E. license (or willingness to obtain license)

    ACMA is a mid-sized Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering firm that has been working in the offshore and maritime industries in Houston, TX for 35 years. We offer competitive salaries and benefits packages. Please visit our website, for more information about the company.

    Please send your resume to
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