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Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by Maria Coughlin, Jul 19, 2017.

  1. Maria Coughlin
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    Maria Coughlin New Member

    Our company is seeking a motivated Senior Design Drafter with strong technical skills who is looking for an opportunity that allows for growth and leadership. We manufacturer 14-20 ft aluminum fishing and duck boats at our state-of-the-art facility in Mountain View, Arkansas, just 70 miles outside of Little Rock. Our family-owned business of 50 employees is looking to expand our facility by 45% in the next year. With 100 dealers and a sister company that is positioned as the largest duck boat engine company in the world, we are growing rapidly and have an exciting future ahead.

    The Senior Design Drafter will lead and implement design changes to our new and existing lines of center consoles, bass boats and sport utility. The Drafter will play a key leadership role in the company and work closely with the Plant Manager.

    In addition, the Senior Drafter will:

    · Aid and assist management in project design and development

    · Design and detail parts and assemblies using 3D models and 2D prints

    · Produce layouts of new boat design concepts with or without project engineering supervision

    · Support all design related issues with emphasis on quality, reliability, timeliness, and cost

    · Participate in design reviews to ensure adequate input and involvement from all interested departments

    · Prepare presentations to aid in the understanding and solution of boat design problems

    · Provide support to the factory floor to improve efficiencies in manufacturing

    · Develop and maintain engineering drafts and release standards

    · Assist in the preparation of the monthly project status reports

    Qualifications –

    · Associate’s Degree in Mechanical Drafting/Design or Equivalent

    · 2-5 years experience in design/drafting in mechanical design or boat design projects

    · Strong written and verbal communication skills

    · Ability to work within a team environment

    · Experience with Auto CAD Inventor Software, Solid Works Surfacing, and/or 3-D CAD modeling package

    · Fluency in Microsoft Office software

    · Familiarity with nesting software programs a plus

    Compensation –

    Compensation to include a competitive salary with benefits package to include health insurance, vacation, and relocation assistance.


    Qualified applicants can e-mail a confidential resume to Maria Coughlin at
  2. dlinniyr
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    dlinniyr Junior Member

    Hello!How about freelance work?
  3. Maria Coughlin
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    Maria Coughlin New Member

    Hi - we might be interested in freelance work if you have experience with aluminum boats.
  4. CgarciaDesign
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    CgarciaDesign Junior Member

    Would also be interested in freelance work for aluminum vessels.

  5. dlinniyr
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    dlinniyr Junior Member

    I have experience with aluminum superstructures for megayachts for example as "Seven Seas" by Steven Spielberg. But i very interesting small fishing boats-i can do 3D-models in SolidWorks.
  6. smckee10
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    smckee10 Junior Member

    please feel free to contact me for freelance or online work

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  7. FrancescoRossi
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    FrancescoRossi New Member

    If you may be interested in some freelancing consulting please visit
    My web site:
    I'm experienced in both steel and aluminum construction.
    Francesco Rossi

  8. CDBarry
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    CDBarry Senior Member

    I am the chair of the SNAME ( small craft T&R Committee.

    One thing we are working on is better outreach to members of the small craft community that SNAME does not traditionally serve well, such as small craft (vice ship) production.

    I would be happy to discuss this further and to see any remarks as to the needs of small production craft manufacturers that SNAME might help.
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