self righting equipment ?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by karil, Apr 12, 2016.

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    Do you guys know where I could get a trigger system for self righting equipment ?

    I have the bag and the CO2 bottle so I need everything from the CO2 bottle to the trigger at the stern ?

    This seems to be very hard to find online.
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    Self Righting

    By the term "bag" you mean a floatation bag, CO2 inflated, that would be attached to the top of a mast on a small sailboat? When the boat overturns, the bag would be inflated, and right the boat, at best half way (mast horizontal)? This might be considered only "step one".

    If that is what you are thinking, then how to complete "step two", from the mast essentially horizontal in the water, to righting the boat fully? On small overturned sailboats, one can usually stand on the centerboard, and use their weight to bring the boat upright, completing "step two". Any boat small enough to be brought upright in this way is fairly small, and completing "step one" is generally done easily by pulling on the centerboard without the aid of any CO2 floation system.

    On a larger boat that would need the CO2 system to complete "step one", it is doubtful that standing on the centerboard, and using crew weight to bring the boat upright, completing "step two" would be possible.

    Please give som details of what you may be thinking?
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