Self-Righting Catamarans

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    Thanks, imaginary. It still seems to me that an inverted cat is far less survivable than people often say. Inverted waterline, assuming holes allowing the water in, will be dependent on the weight if your gear and accessories. Water tanks will probably empty out while your watermaker intake through hull will now pull air, etc...

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    i think i may have a better solution........ you're on the right track with the balloon but instead of having the gas for the balloon in cartridges you could instead have a small motor of sorts connected to a pump/compressor. the compressor connected buy lines to the balloon at the top of the mast. the inlet for the compressor draws air bottom of the boat and pumps the balloon. then there is the problem off once the balloon has reached the surface the cat will be "tripodded" on one hull. to rectify this you design the mast so that it has a Ball type joint at the base. then you join the port and starboard stays in a loop thatruns down to the side of the boat but then runs hidden through the hull. in the middle of the join directly in the center the stays are attached to a "bike chain" type section of sufficient length, and the drive cog attached to the same motor that inflates the balloon. so once the balloon is inflated and the cat is horizontal then the stays pivot the mast enough to tip the balance of the hulls flipping it right way up and stopping the mast also from shaking about....... seam plausible?
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