Self Repairing Hulls?

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    Its been around for neigh on a half Century now and it was inovated by Dumb ole' Hillbillys to boot.

    Blue Hole Canoe Company Made the worlds best whitewater Canoes out of Royalex.

    You could wrap them up around a bolder in a Haystack and they would pop back into shape.

    If you did happen to get a small hole like from an Arrow or Bullet as you were fleeing the "Sqeel like a Pig" Boys then all you had to do was heat up the hole with a hot poker from your fire and melt it back togetjer.

    A lot of other companies make ABS boats also.

    "The Futures in Plastics"


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    SMP for boat hulls

    My company, Cornerstone Research Group, specializes in the development and manufacture of Shape Memory Polymers (SMP). Veriflex, mentioned in one of the previous posts, is one of our products. Most of our SMP are fully cured and crosslinked thermoset resins. They mix, infuse and cure the same way many conventional resins do (hand lay-up, RTM, VARTM). We have also developed a new thermoplastic SMP under the trade name Essemplex.

    Though it is true that these materials are not available to the general public due to proprietary reasons, we will work with businesses that will use our products to make sure they are implemented correctly.

    For something that will really blow your mind, we have demonstrated healable fiber reinforced SMP for both NASA and DoD. Healing is a feature inherent in the matrix and does not rely on encapsulates or a catalyzed reaction. Now, not only will your hull return to its as-cast shape, the composite will regain mechanical properties lost to the damage. We have developed several healable SMP resins with development of marine-grade healable resins ongoing.

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