SEI 106 Gear Shifting Problems

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by mikealston2428, Jan 26, 2019.

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    Hi All,
    Ok so I am having gear shifting problems,
    I'll run over the background that has lead to this
    I had a Mercruiser MC1 that I up graded to a SEI 106
    Everything was great with gear shifting on the new SEI until I had outdrive gear lube on the ground leaking from the bellows
    After removing the outdrive I found that the transom plate sleeve that the bellows are attached with bellows adhesive and the hose clamp was to badly corodid at the bottom and salt water had got inside the bellows
    This had siezed the gimbal bearing and damaged the oil seal on the outdrive and the fliud had leaked out on the the ground
    So I put and new drive shaft / and seal on the outdrive and brought a GHR Kit with the ceramic ring and installed this with the new bellows that came with the kit
    The bellhousing bellows sleeve was also corodid and I also replaced the bellhousing with a new one and ground down the housing as instructed in the GHR Kit installation video
    And also a new gimbal bearing
    Now the gear shifting was working perfectly with the SEI 106 outdrive prior the the above work being done
    Now when I make the forward adjustment with the motor not running on the tralier I cant get the 6 inch required on the lower shift cable from the mounting hole the the centre of the brass pinion, with the brass pinion turned all the way down the thread leaving just enough room from the pinion to still drop into its mounting hole I am under the 6 inches by aprox 15mm, I cant even get 5/78 if this is what the measurement should be

    Having said all of the above this is what I can not understand ! !

    I can adjust by hand on the tralier the upper and lower shift cables and get forward neutral and reverse and when we start the engine on the tralier with muffs we get forward neutral and reverse with the neutral cut of switch working as it should
    No what I dont understand is when the boat is put in the water none of the gearing is working, I've even tried to adjust the cables on the water but with no luck ? ?

    Why is the gearing working fine on the tralier but not working at all on the water

    Water pressure on the propeller wouldn't make such a huge difference the the adjustments that work fine on the tralier and wouldn't explain why I cant get any gears on the water

    Please help
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    This is a halfassed answer but I had a similar problem on my last boat with the sei106. Have you replaced the shift cable ever?
    Yours may have gotten stretched when you did all the work.
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