Seeking Marine Electrical Engineer

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    Marine Electrical Engineer
    Location: SE
    Salary: Depending on Experience
    Description: Must be able to design and layout electrical systems for custom Yacht manufacturer. Will be working closely with customer and design team to determine feasability of design. Great Opportunity for right individual

    Contact Kevin Grondahl
    IntelliStaff, Inc.
    Phone (352) 671-5224
    Fax (352) 671-5239
  2. Duncan Murphy
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    Duncan Murphy New Member

    Duncan Murphy,, Marine Electrical Engineer

    Hi Kevin, I have had several years experience with design and layout of electrical systems in yachts, fishing boats , power boats and ships as well as commercial electrical work,, If you are interested I can send you my resume, best regards Duncan Murphy
  3. Electrical Engineer

    Dear Mr. Kevin

    I am an electrical engineer ( B.SC. Electrical power engineering 1995 ) with an expierience at marine field for about 8 years from total 10 years at electrical design and installations for electrical equipments,
    2 years at Sindbad Submarine at Hurghada egypt
    5 trips with huge bulk carriers around over the world average for each trip about 6 months
    2 yachts complete electrical drawings design and fabrications
    1 year at MAN diesel marine engine and generators as supervisor maintenence engineer.

    I am egyptian 31 years old
    Autocad and Windows well user

    Tel : +2 012 3508 240

    If the job still available please contact me for sending my resume and certificate

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