Seeking expert boat builders in the Ft. Lauderdale, Miami Florida

Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by mark57, Feb 17, 2011.

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    mark57 New Member

    Seeking expert boat builders in the Ft. Lauderdale, Miami Florida area to assist our company in manufacturing HoverCraft / HoverWing Boats. Must be experienced in fiberglass and or composite boat building.

    Please contact Mark at or call 954-548-7781.

    Thank You

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  2. ouwl
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    ouwl Junior Member

    Hi I am engaged in a glass steel ship the manufacturing for many years, but I not in the United States
  3. canoedave
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    canoedave Junior Member

    Glassfibre laminator


    I have over 13 years in the glass fibre trade from boat building to composite wind turbine blades. I am in Ireland but would re-locate(as I have done before) Is the job only available to boat builders in America?

  4. Padmagireesan
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    Padmagireesan Junior Member

    Fibreglass/Composite Boat building

    Dear Mr.Mark

    I am a Diploma Holder In Mechanical,Passed out in 1973,Aged 59 Having
    25 plus years experience in Fibre glass boat building, products(FRP Piping, Pattern/Moulds.Various insulations)and different Lamination methods(Handlayup/Sprayup/Vaccumbagging/Sandwich) Boats built ranging from 5-20Mtr, Pleasure Yacht, Commercial/Military/ Custom made/Patrol crafts as per Lloyds, ABS, DNV, ABYC, IRS and MS Act. Worked as Manager Engineering Divisional Manager, Manager, Engineer and Supervisor. Experience in FRP Mould making(Lines/Pattern/Mould)Hull mould ,Deck mould and sub assembly moulds.Fibreglass products –Manhole,Water tanks,AC trays,Lining of fresh water tanks etc.Boat building includes supervisionOfHullDeck,SuperstructurelaminationSecondarylaminate,Internalarrangement,(MasterCabin,Mainsalon,Crewcabin,System/Electrical,Sterngear/Main engine installation,Equipments and Fittings,LSA, FFA& LSS/Navigation and Communication,Carpentry, Painting and Varnish (Mainengines I/B Perkins,Lehmanford,Johndeer,MWM,VOLVA,CatterPillar,Telco,Kirloskar etc
    OBM- Mercury,ZuzukJohnson,Evinrude etc. Sterndrive FibreglassincludeLaminateschedule/Scantlings,Combinations,Thicknes calculation/Import of Glassfibre and allied products., BOQ/Material requirement,ProcurementofmaterialsEtc.Sandwich/Corematerials/Insulation
    ALUMINIUM,HONYCOMB,CSMAT,WOVENROVING,BIAS,TRIAXIAL,QUAD_AXIAL, POLYESTER, VINYLESTER, EPOXY and PHENOLIC. etc.Other than FRP experience in GRC, Ship Repair, Synthetic Granite, Marble and Aluminum fabrications

    Thanks and Best regards
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