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    We are seeking an Electrical Engineer to join the Lazzara Family.
    Generate engineering drawings for new boat designs using Rhino and Autocad.
    Design and implement new component specifications for panels, wiring harness and electrical systems.
    Concieve new electrical and electronic system designs for customer convenience,reliablity,an manufacturing plans for labor efficiencies.
    Interfaced with manufacturing for trouble-shooting component location.
    Updated and Maintained electrical and mechanical assembly drawings including Bill of Material drawings.
    Project time lines, Cost issues.

    We offer a variety of great benefits, including an on-site gym and fitness center, clean and pleasant work environment, competitive wages, vacation, 401(k) pension plan, Employer Paid Health and Life Insurance, and the best people around. Come see why Lazzara Yachts should be YOUR employer of choice in the Tampa Bay area!

    Proud recipient of the 2001 Family Friendly Workplace Award.

    For more information on job opportunities, please e-mail resumes to Jennifer Zondor,

    Lazzara is proud to be E/O/E.
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