seeking advices for metal barge design and built

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by pierreM, Nov 26, 2005.

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    pierreM New Member

    :?: hi, i m new in this field coming from 20 years experience in high end interior design and starting to design and built a barge.
    can anybody tell me the basic mistakes to avoid in designing and builting a 100' metal barge in terms of materials specifications and technical advices or tricks:
    thanks a lot:)
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    Starting with insufficient engineering knowledge would be the worst mistake that you could make.
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    atahawaii Naval Architect, P. E.

    Recommend hiring an expert. But prepare before seeing the expert. Fill out an Owner's Requirements List so that what you want is very clear. Presently a free copy of a Owner's Requirements List is available at The scantlings should be in accordance with a recognized classification society such as American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Lloyd's Register of Shipping (LRS), RINA, DNV, BV, NKK or GL. But even this is often insufficient, they specify minimum scantlings they will accept to class your vessel. You also need to do first principles analysis to make sure that adequate strength is provided. Also the stability is crucial, recommend Rahola Criterion as a minimum, but more may be required. A thorough check of the regulations with respect to your specific circumstances is required. Look up "Design Spiral" in a search engine and you can read about the different hoops one has to jump through to design a vessel. Stability and structure are crucial in my opinion.
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    If there is any country in the world that build barges, it is Holland. A 100 ' barge is not a small thing and serious engineering is required.

    First of all, you talk about a metal barge. Considered you have the plan, how do you expect to continue? Do you have a cutting facility up there and - to start with - can you get supply of steel easy?

    What is the barge used for? As a living space, freight? or both.

    Is it a river barge or should it also be used in coastal waters or purely as a solid state living?

    Is this that you are after?

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  5. pierreM
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    pierreM New Member

    thanks for the reply

    thanks for your respond,
    i already renovated one old sand barge here in Thailand to make it a events fonction room barge, i am now planning to built a new one , i have a marine architect and will work with bureau veritas i was more looking into more specific information like whatkind of insulation is best to use ,what thickness for europeen climates any special trick for ventilation as humidity is a problem...
    where the best location for oil tank, and generator...etc
    anyway thanks for your help i may keep asking question and will show the progress of my project.
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