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Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by johnalphonsus, May 14, 2007.

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    johnalphonsus New Member

    Hello. I recently purchased a 36 foot 1992 Motor Yacht. I will be renovating it a lot and would like to protect my investment. I am considering a boat security system, namely Sea-Key. I understand they have a version 2 out now. Anyway, could anyone who has one or knows about these units please provide me with information and your opinion. I want to make sure it's worth getting. Any feedback at all will be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to email me at as well. Also, if you know any better products, let me know.

    John :)
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    were you berth your boat can be better than any security system not saying they don't help keep the honest man honest but??
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    FAST FRED Senior Member

    In a boatyard there are seldom many problems , as the other finished boats will have far more goodies to steal than something being rebuilt.

    Unfortunitly is some areas the mentality is "If you cant steal it DESTROY it".

    So alarms need to be done with caution.

    As a New York City boat owner , mt first recomendation is "Show ****" in other words leave on deck only stuff that is really junky, and not worth stealing.

    If you live close enough there are burglar alarms that send a signal to a CB receiver you wear on your belt (usefull in many ports too).

    The most effective is a product called Burglar Mist , which is a trip wire or electrically fired can of MACE.

    Clean up is a task, as mace is a fine powder , that needs to be vacumed out.

    Some while afloat use a cattle fence shocker , hooked to bare lifelines .


  4. StianM
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    I made a quotation for this ones for a fire fighting boat for Kuwait fire department.
    They sell some kind off complete survailance system.

    We ordered some custom ones fitted with safire linces to make shure they where not damaged by a sandblast.
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