second International Conference on High Performance Yacht Design

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    Timed to coincide with the arrival of the Volvo Ocean Race fleet in New Zealand, the second international conference on high performance yacht design will be held in February 2006, and will showcase the latest developments in yacht research from around the globe. This conference will be a venue where naval architects, engineers, designers and researchers can present and hear papers on the current state of high performance yacht and power craft technology.

    Advances in high performance yacht design are being driven by a range of factors, including development of new racing classes and demand for increased size and performance of racing and cruising craft. Radical design concepts such as innovative new hullforms, moving keels and masts and new approaches to sails and propulsion systems require innovative approaches to analysis, design and experimental verification.

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    Thanks for putting up this notice.
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    Do you think I would be wrong if a few last minute discussions about canting kells might come along? :rolleyes:

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    The latest:

    2nd High Performance Yacht Design Conference Draft Programme.

    10.30 -12.30
    CFD for Sail Design
    Kai Graf RANSE investigations of downwind sails and integration into sailing yacht design processes
    Karsten Hochkirch Numerical investigation on the effects of trim on a yacht rig
    Jin Kim CFD Calculations on the sail-like three dimensional airfoils
    Margot Gerritsen The challenging turbulent flow past downwind sails and practical application of CFD to them

    1.30 - 3.00
    Canting Keels
    Ian Campbell Safety considerations in developing the stability and structural requirements in the Volvo Open 70 Rule
    Luke McEwen Sink or swing: the funfamentals of canting keel structures
    Liz Tier Practical Aspects of Design, Construction and Analysis of Canting Keels

    3.30 - 5.00
    Tank Testing
    Albert Nazarov Experimental research of sailing craft added masses for hull-keel combinations by acceleration tank tests
    Magnus Tvete Added Resistance in Short Reflected Waves - Sailing Hull
    Giorgio Contento Experimental analyis of the vertical motions in waves of an IACC yacht with calm water-optimized bulb shapes

    9.00 - 10.30
    Sail Aerodynamics 1
    Heikki Hansen An Investigation of Aerodynamic Force Modelling for Yacht Sails using Wind Tunnel Techniques
    Philippe Planquart Investigation of the performance of a spinnaker with different appendages - wind tunnel test and numerical simulation
    Fabio Fossati Wind tunnel techniques for investigation and optimization of sailing yachts aerodynamics

    Sail Aerodynamics 2
    Peter Richards The Use of Independent Supports and Semi-Rigid Sails in Wind Tunnel Studies
    Natasha Erriu Full scale investigation of one-design class catamaran sails
    Richard Flay Pressure Measurements on Sails in the Wind Tunnel and in Full-scale

    Aspects of Performance Prediction
    Claudio Fassardi Optimum Sailboat Design by Integrated Parametric Modeling, Performance Prediction and Optimization
    Giles Thomas The performance of controllability of yachts sailing downwind in waves
    Ulrich Remmlinger Design Process Automation for Sailing Yachts

    3.30 - 5.00
    CFD for Hull and Appendage Design
    Bruce Cartwright Prediction of Motions of Ships and Yachts by Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics
    Sofia Werner A CFD validation test case -wind tunnel tests of a winglet keel

    9.00 - 10.30
    Hull & Rig Structures
    Mark Battley Designing composite structures for slamming loads
    Andy Philpott Optimal rig design using mathematical programming
    Rozetta Payne Knowledge based engineering and INNOVATIVE yacht design

    Design and Construction
    Magnus Burman Energy and Cost Assessment of a High Speed Ship
    Patrick Cahill High performance large yacht construction using product data models
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