Seaworthiness concerns for excessively wide trawler

Discussion in 'Stability' started by makobuilders, Oct 4, 2018.

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    I recall that Bob Beebe made a similar comment that slavishly copying a fishing boat design does not result in an efficient personal cruiser. But adapting a commercial design may very well result in an excellent pleasure boat if the design suits the needs for similar: speed, seaworthiness, sea kindliness, range, interior volume, fuel efficiency (or lack thereof), etc.
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    A good fishing boat project can not be a good pleasure boat project unless the SOR of both vessels coincide, which is not common, or rather, it is almost impossible. But of course, any project of a certain type of boat can be adapted to some other different types of boats.

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    The tomco marine molds put out some decent salmon and coastal crab boats. Also made for some decent trawler type vessels that are fairly popular.

    The lines plan is a bit on the pudgy side of pleasure boats, but at trawler speeds or as a mini expedition yacht will be just fine. Go with a big slower turning commercial type main and enjoy the room.
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