seawater flake ice maker machine for the fishing boat,Trawler

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    Shenzhen Lier Ice Machine for boat and island

    |Seawater flake ice machine
    |Prompt ice making machine
    |Used on island and fishing boat ice equipment
    |Intelligent ice machine
    |Sea water refrigeration equipment

    Configuration of the ice machine:
    1.Compressor: Bitzer(Famous Germany brand)
    2.PLC: LG (Korea famous brand)
    3.Stainless steel evaporator and ice bin
    4.water source and cooling water:sea water is available
    5.Ambience temperature:from -30°C to 50°C
    7.Intelligent and automatic machine,no skilled worker for machine opearation
    8.Easy to installation with the instruction
    9.Ice capacity:3Ton-10Tons/24Hours is available (to order)
    10.Place saving,energe saving

    The Shenzhen Lier flake ice machine can used for offshore fishing boat and trawler,since the wheather is very hot, the fished can not be preserved for
    long time, without the flake ice machine.

    1.Flake Ice Machine
    3.CE certification
    4.Automatic control
    5.Factory competitive price

    Flake ice machine:
    The irregular ice flake with thickness around 1.5-2.5mm.

    1.The ice flake produced by the ice makeing machine,flake ice machine can be directly used for stirring and mixing the fished,and directly cool the fishes
    2.There's no acute edges and sharp points on the ice flake,so it will not damage the surface of the cooled fishes.
    3.Large contact area and fast cooling speed.

    Application fields:
    Dairy preservation, sea food cooling,bread processing,fruit and vegetable storage and so on
    Description for the Ice Flake maker machine,flake ice machine you can contact "Lier Machine"

    It the flaek ice made by the flake ice machine,
    very soft and thin ice, will not destroy the fish

    Shenzhen Lier Flake Ice maker machine,applicable for shrimp and fish farming,
    freezing and preservation

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