Searching for plans; low drafting, inboard power, "classic" looks

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Telenorth, Aug 17, 2017.

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    Hey all. Im new to boatbuilding & woodworking. I have a 3/4s completed poling/rowing punt (14') I've been building. It's been a fun and enlightening experience and thrown me into a lot of research and reading and I've since realized I really desire a slightly larger, more comfortable, classier craft. I want to learn and immerse myself in more boatbuilding.

    Title says most of it. Looking for a cruising/camping/leisure/casual fishing boat really. Generally stable, Spacious for 2 people, 20mph at speed would be nice but slower is fine too. Ability to comfortably ride in 1-2' of water, and be beachable.

    I've browsed and read a lot about the Atkins and glen-l plans. The seabright and jersey style skiffs appeal to me a lot, flat bottom garveys (Spira has a real nice lookin 19' one). Flats boats, dorys...

    The seeming infamous rescue minor is up there on top of my mind too but I'm it seems a bit complex for an amateur builder. I absolutely love the design though.

    I am thinking I want to build ply-on -frames & chimes. Vs stitch and glue which seems to be very popular.

    I am generally overwhelmed by the options and variations between different designs and styles. I do understand the trade offs and comprising you have to make when choosing plans. I don't expect a "perfect" boat.

    I am actually on my mobile and I have to run right now, but I could have plenty more to add. Would love to hear to some more suggestions of plans to look at, maybe ones I've overlooked. Anyone with thoughts, feel free to voice them, thanks
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