Searching for a design for a 36' - 38' offshore sailboat

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by Jay and Ebben, Sep 15, 2011.

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    Jay and Ebben BilgeRat

    Searching for a design for a 36' - 38' alum. offshore sailboat

    I am searching for links to purchase plans (with cutting files?) for a high latitude 36' - 38' (perhaps a 34') cruiser to build in aluminum. Small cockpit, small pilot house w/ alt. inside steering station, semi full keel, perhaps a double ender. I spoke with Dudley Dix and like his 38' PH but I am wondering what else is out there that is of more recent design? I already know of Bruce Roberts, Van De Stadt, and the origami designs. Safety is a very large concern. I am not comfortable with large windows that may be blown out (the dix 38?). I want something fairly bomb proof. I am open to hard chine if the design is extaordinary. I am not interested in a racing 'sled'.

    Some of you may remember me from earlier posts (search back a few pages for posts from 'Jay and Ebben') - I have been entertaining the idea of ultimately designing my own boat. For the past nine months I have been reading everything I can get my hands on about hull form (Gerr, Colvin, Perry, Stephens and many more) and am now understanding much more about the complexities of the process. Perhaps now I am limiting myself more to buying plans from an architect and changing other structures within it - with approval of course!

    I am not a wealthy person and am only able to go about it by adopting Moitessiers attitude of build it extraordinarily strong, make it somewhat comfortable, and get it on the water! Leaving the luxuries to those that can afford them. I do have the luxury of not launching it for 10 years - when my kids are out on their own. This should allow me time to research the finishing items and either create them on my own or finding the most affordable options. I hope not to launch her with utility pole spars though as Moitessier originally did!

    Read my story from earlier pages and please help me in my quest for other/newer designs. I now have a all the parts for a 40' x 53' steel Butler building that I found (for $1,200!). My son and I have cleared the site and are now dozing it level for the building. You can see him (13 years old) on this link skidding the trees out...

    Please find us some other designs to look over!

    Thank you

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    Jay and Ebben BilgeRat

    Before anyone asks; yes, in the video he has chainsaw chaps on.... those are full Kevlar pants and steel toe logging boots!
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    Many designers around. Make sure you look to France. The French love their unpainted multichine aluminium boats and they are the best bang for the buck for a home builder.

    I see boats by Alubat in just about every harbour. Several builders supply bare hulls. Do some googling
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    Jay and Ebben BilgeRat

    Thank you Michael. I came across Alubats website many months ago and I had bookmarked it and have returned many times - it is a favorite of mine although I feel I would be overstepping my skills to attempt a lifting keel! I would love to get my hands on a few sectional drawings for these beautiful hulls (such as Alubats) to study.

    There will be many nay-sayers out there I am sure but I have not entirely cast aside the option of taking a set of lines (perhaps even my own) and laying them down on the shop floor and cutting everything by hand. No CAD, no CNC. Everything the old fashioned way. In a sense it is the ultimate test for my boatbuilding skills (although I was initially a wooden boatman). I have lots of time for this project... but I do not have the extra dollars for the luxuries of CNC etc.

    You say there are many designers in France... can you name a few more of the top choices for similar hulls? how about radius chine and round bilge hulls? I want to look at many more....

    Lines drawings for study? Please send me links!

    Thank you!
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    I know I'm replying a year later. Did You find a design?
    Here's my list of preferences:

    Ives Tanton, Green Peace (33'), Tonerre (30')
    Roberto Barros, Alupop 32, Kiribati 36
    Berckmeyer Yacht design, Bristol 35
    Dick Zaal, Curlew (36), Swift(33), Zeevink(33)
    Fay 32, Fay 36

    I hope the information is usefull


  6. Jay and Ebben
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    Jay and Ebben BilgeRat

    Thank you for your thoughts - I looked into a few of your suggestions quite a while back and I have to agree with you that they are excellent choices. Please forgive me however for not closing out this thread last November... I found a wonderful little ship in central florida that was 24 hours away from being cut up for scrap steel! There is a sad story about the loss of a life attached to the boat but the woman whom I purchased it from was very happy that the boat will live on in her brothers memory. Needless to say I found the boat that I have been looking for for the past 30 years. The hull is in excellent shape as is much of the interior and diesel. Having said that I purchased the boat on very short order with much risk... in order to fend off the scrappers. It turns out that she is much more of a hull than I would ever have been able to build on my own. The locals in Florida missed out on this one... they did not see the jewel in the rough (understatement).

    The photo is of its condition 15 years ago. The hull is still in excellent shape less some minor trouble areas.

    The you tube is of its arrival here in Vermont last November.

    Thank you again for your support.

    Mavericks specifics;

    Material: Steel - S construction bilge
    Designer: Henk Tingen, Netherlands
    Builder: Kompier, Woerden Netherlands
    Diesel: Samofa (Mitsubishi) 4DQ45


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