"Seaneast" Pim Korver 1937-2012

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    From the newspapers:

    Documentary maker Pim Korver (75) died last night. He spent over forty years in the television and film world. His documentaries often were about salvage of shipwrecks, Dutch lifeboat organization KNRM, salvage companies like Smit-Tak etc.
    One received the award "Best Film of the Century".
    This award received Korver for his film about the salvage of the sunken ferry Herald of Free Enterprise. Korver was a Knight in the Order of Orange Nassau.

    This Youtube channel for some of his work: Not all in English; pictures tell a story.
    Worthwhile taking a look. IMO

    Three examples:

    Documentary on the Horses-drawn lifeboat stationed at the Dutch Wadden Isle Ameland.

    Short impression on the construction and puting into operation of the Dutch lifeboat "KONING WILLEM 1".

    On 6 March 1987 the ferry HERALD OF FREE ENTERPRISE capsized just out of port at Zeebrugge, Belgium. An award winning documentary on the salvage of the ship and its cargo.
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    That's something!
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