Sealing of 55 Gallon Drums

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by amoe, Apr 15, 2019.

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    If it's just a raft, you can break it into 8' sections, but it's got to be done right.
    It will add: weight, expense, build-time, complexity and anxiety...
    And will complicate trailer launching hugely, both in and out.

    You've got up to 8.5' beam on the roadway.
    Why not 8' beam? It's a raft?
    8x16 would be more comfortable.
    If the raft weighs 500 pounds, that leaves ~670 pounds.
    Wait... you can only have 3 people on board.

    I think we're getting ahead of ourselves here.
    How about an 8'x 8' raft.
    Use all eight barrels around the perimeter.
    1/3 less floor space, less weight, less cost.
    Improved stability and loading characteristics.

    A 30" square hatch opening in the centre could prove entertaining.
    Piano hinge each half to centre open 1/2 at a time and lay flat on deck.

    I don't know if 8'x 8' would meet your needs but it sure seems sensible to me.

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    BlueBell Ahhhhh...

    No response despite a forum visit this morning.
    I guess that doesn't meet your needs.

    Well, good luck amoe!
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    Sorry about that, I checked the response real fast but then had to get some stuff done and then forgot. I do like the idea, and do believe that may be better because of my transportation situation and that it will only be used as a raft. I'll look some more into and the numbers in a little bit. Thanks!

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    I have a dock that uses plastic drums, it’s been close to 15 years with zero maintenance or issues.

    I think I used silicone on the threads. It’s out of the water now and the drums do exhibit a bit of contraction when it’s cold, more than when in the water. For a few days floating around on a lake or river it would be a non issue.
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