Seakeeping of mooring FPSO

Discussion in 'Software' started by miss sue, Dec 11, 2013.

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    I want to make simulation on the turret mooring of FPSO but I have problem when I do the sea-keeping. I try with some of the cable but it never works, the FPSO keep bouncing off from the sea when i use catenary mooring line. Another problem when I try use the polynomial the FPSO start capsize slowly. Sorry I do not know so much about how to make use on the mooring line. I try everything. Maybe I don't understand the meaning of this parameters and thus I put wrong values. Can someone please explain me what have I to do to analyze the cable's effects on the system. Is there something missing? Can anyone help me.

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    Regarding your mooring line FPSO

    Can you attach all files and inputs that you are specifying for your FPSO?
    I have done many mooring analysis (Spread and Turret) and I believe I can help you with my database.
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    Hi jugal, are you still there? I might need a little help from you. Thank you.
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