sea-worthy amphibious craft?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by jkittel, Sep 26, 2007.

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    Probably a good point to draw this older 2007 thread to a close since it seems to be creating or rehashing more animosity than creating interesting discussion that everyone can enjoy in the last page or so.

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    Old Amphibious Trailer Designs

    After commenting about seeing older designed amphibious trailers,I was attacked and accused of lying and being in a cabal of some sort.

    Popular Science, December 1967:
    " A Cincinnatti Engineer,John Brush,has spent a dozen years contriving a way to make his family car run on water as well as land"
    Ergo, he started work on it in 1955.

    Page 100"john brush" popular science&f=false

    US patent search:




    And there's one from 1946.....and a couple in Europe in the 1950's..and IIRC there was some sort of WW2 thing.

    If anyone cares,just google:amphibious trailer or amphibian trailer or floating trailer.
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