Sea water flake ice machine specially designed for boat, marine

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    ( Focusun hot sale marine flake ice making machine)

    Sea water flake ice making machine
    Especially for deep sea-going fishing
    Ice equipment used on fishing boat
    Intelligent ice generator
    Corrosion resistant, stable running

    Sea water as the water source
    Daily capacity is customized

    Focuusn marine flake ice machine/small capacity sea water ice flake maker used on board

    Application: for deep-sea fishing

    Focusun seawater flake ice machine directly use seawater to produce flake ice, and the biggest differences between marine flake ice making machine and in-land flake ice making machine are the selection of pipe materials and the design of the compressor. In order to avoid the corrosion of sea water, marine ice flake machine uses specialized piping material. Meanwhile, marine ice flake maker applied piston compressor with deepened oil tank in order to overcome violent shaking on vessel, and the ice flaker machine can also work even if the vessel tilted 30 degrees on the sea.

    Configuration of the sea water flake ice maker

    1) Power requirements: standard power is 380V/3P/ 50Hz. The electrical system can be adjusted according to actual situation and should be specified when ordering.

    2) Product Configuration: designed in accordance with the certification standards of shipping; one or several Bitzer semi-hermetic piston compressors with deepened oil tank; complied with the seawater cooling and marine seawater condenser and all components are welded well.

    3) Stainless steel evaporator and ice bin, corrosion-antirust

    4) Onboard sea water flake ice maker must use water cooling tower, because air cooling is easier to be rusty.

    5) Ambient temperature: From -30° C to 50° C

    Focusun sea water flake ice makers/ sea water flake ice making machines

    1.The design meets with the standard of the classification society.
    2.All parts are welded together, stable, running well even in a pitching and rolling ship
    3.Designed for navigation system operation, deep sea-going. Used on boats.
    4.High efficient and productive
    5.Safety and reliable, dynamic micro-computer control system
    6.Low energy consumption, low failure and long working life.
    7.Ice thickness:1.5-2.5mm, size:40x40mm
    8.Intelligent and automatic machine, no need skilled workers to operate. Easy to install.
    9.Daily capacity:1ton/day to 6ton/day is available for using on a marine.
    10. CE passed

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