Sea trial today!!

Discussion in 'Diesel Engines' started by Gary Chiles, Jan 25, 2023.

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    A looong time ago, I had started a project before I had some health issues and put a hold on it. Now that Im good,Im happy to report that this year might be the year. I have a 1974 Bertram 26 ft convertible twin engine . I have replaced the original Chryslers that were there with twin mercedes 300dt engines, both have been gone through and rebuilt from th oilpan to the valve covers and marinized with the help of a Company in the Netherlands who, in fact carries everything that you need to convert these into marine engines, they are widely used in Europe on all sorts of boats, I have borg warner transmissions on them , other than a Hurth because its a little more durable. Also running heat exchangers on Engine and trannys so NO salt water touches these engines. Well, I finally believe that we have gotten all of the painstaking details worked out and are seatrialing today. I will take video and pictures to post. Wish me Luck!
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    Good luck. We all luv boat pics.
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    Absolutely! Please do post some photos - of the re-build as well if possible, along with the sea trial (maybe even a video as well?).
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