Screw on oil filters (VolvoMD2 engine)

Discussion in 'Diesel Engines' started by peter.mills, Sep 13, 2006.

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    I just acquired a small boat with an elderly Volvo MD2 two pot diesel. It is a pig to start and when it finally does run the oil pressure light does not go out. After a few seconds it develops a loud squealling noise which sound like a dry bearing. I'm pretty sure that it is fitted with the wrong type of screw on oil filter (I have seen one on another engine which appears to be quite small by comparison to the one on my engine). If this is the case, is there something special about volvo filters which I need to know?? I can get the right filter, but could the wrong type have anything to do with lack of oil pressure? Any advice will be gratefully received.
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    Best bet is to get the right filter regardless of anything else. Don't know if there is anything specific about the volvo filters but oil filters do have a pressure relief in them so that they can by-pass the filtering media if it gets to clogged. I don't think that your filter would be set to by-pass at too low of a pressure but it might be a defective filter right out of the box, if this is the problem at all, the engine could just be completely wore out.
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    I would buy a oil preshure gauge and mount it on the engine so I could reat the exsact prshure.

    I think the preshure relife valve is not in the filter itself, but the oilpump or the filter mountings.

    I'm a nerwous person so I would probartly inspect the bearings befour trying to start the engine again.
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