Screacher versus spinnaker on 20' trimaran

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by jedkins, Aug 17, 2007.

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    I have a 20' trimaran and trying to make up my mind about a furling screacher versus a spinnaker . Ideally I would like to have a screacher on a bow sprite/prodder about 3' out from the bow. I would like to leave it in place virtually all the time but would like to understand more about the likely windage effect. Also what weight of sail cloth to go for, in the hope I can have something very light that might furl tighter and be less clumsy.
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    Don't worry about windage- Hydroptere set her most recent record with a furled headsail. The Rave hydrofoil carries a furled screecher.
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    You didn't say what trimaran you have, nor whether you normally race or cruise.

    The screecher is a very specialised sail. It can't normally be used in winds over 15 knots apparent, nor set efficiently with the wind aft of the beam.

    I always recommend people first buy a spinnaker (asymmetic or conventional) and later, and only if necessary, get a screecher.

    Last year I raced a F31 trimaran with a screecher. It was left up for the first lap and taken down for the second. We were noticeably faster on the second lap relative to other boats. Maybe 100 yards in 3 miles.

    If you roll the sail too tight you may damage the fabric.

    I would recommend contacting GM Sails in Australia as they are probably your nearest high quality and most knowledgeable multihull sailmakers.

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    Thanks for input. I both race and cruise. Boat is a modified version of Kurt Hughes 20' Spitfire with bigger rig and convential tiller plus foot pedal steering option from rear seat. (building method is not CM - rather it is very similar to your Strider building method!)

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