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    I share this feeling, the hydrodynamic duty of the main hull's bow is very different and more light that the ones of the ama's bow. And we can wonder why, despite this difference, the NA's usually draw very similar bows shape. Probably that, as long as high speed is the goal even in rough seas, the main hull pointy inverted bow is anyway the best choice to minimise waves slams and spray drag. In line with these thoughts, I wonder if we can conciliate fore volume and pointy bow by using a removable overhang, as sketchs here attached. This overhang bow can be light, resistant but in the flexible mode ( not need to be rigid as for amas bow which have the more heavy duty to cross the waves) , and also can have the function of a bow sprit. From a basic trailerable tri L26', we then have some beam at the Lwl fore perpendicular like with a bow scow ...
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