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    Hi i'm in the eighth grade and for a science project i have to build a small boat (no more than 25X30cm). It has to be able to hold atleast 500 gm. I was planning on making it out of wood but i have no idea what to do! any suggestions?
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    Hi Becky.

    Was it you who also posted in the "should guests be required to register" thread?

  3. Becky

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    yes, why do you ask?
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    Hi Becky,

    Please tell us what type of school you are attending that requires you to design a boat while in the 8th grade. Is this for a math class? What other tools are you given to solve this problem?

    Don’t worry about registering, like you said it takes a long time and we want get right to doing your assignment for you.

    Gary :D
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    I would make it out of what we around here call Bristol board or poster board, fastened with masking tape. The boat must be a hard-chine (speedboat) boat type. When building is complete, two coats of ordinary housepaint will seal all holes and add suprising rigidity.

    I often use this method to do a quick mock-up of a hull for discussions with clients. Attached is one I did of a 6 metre (18 foot) sailboat.

    If you'd like, I can e-mail you the layouts for panels of a simple boat for this construction method. Let your mom or dad know that you are going to talk to me on-line first, though. They may want to check out my profile or talk to me first. I'd expect my 13-year old daughter to tell me, so I'll expect the same from you, OK? :)


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    If the aim is simply to hold as much weight as possible for a given size, you might want to consider a simple 'punt' shape (basically a box with one end - the bow - turned up). It would be easiest to make, would carry the weight well and be most stable for its size....
    but like the others have said - give us a little more info and we can probably help more...
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