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Discussion in 'Education' started by sietske, Sep 9, 2009.

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    Hi all,
    excuse me for my bad English. I'm a first year student in Delft, in Holland on the study Maritime Engineering.
    We started with a project and we have some problems. We need to design a ship and a regular service to ship 400.000 Teu per Year from shanghai to Amsterdam an 400.000 TUE back, 100.000 brand new cars, 60 special cargoes between 10x10x10 meter and 15x20x60 meter from Shanghai to Amsterdam.
    And we need to drag 4 times a year with a speed from 9 knots and a power of 750 bull pollard. All ships in our regular service need to be identical, so the ship that drags is the same ship as the ship that carries the cars.
    What do you think of this project and can you help us with some clues.
    I'm searching where we can bulk best, what is the best route, how much is an ensurance costing and how much time is your ship useful and how much time you need to keep up your ship.
    I hope you can help me a bit with those subjects butt all other input is also welcome!
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    container ships are designed around the 'envelope' of the volume it is intended to carry, in your case 400,000 TEUs. You need the size of one TEU and then create a L,B,D (D=depth) based around the volume for the total TEUs. Once you have defined this, you can begin to look at what form, ie size/shape of hull can fit this volume. Bearing in mind you need space for ER etc. There is an excellent paper by Watson and Gilfillan "Some ship design methods"...where you can obtain basic Cb and other form factors which will enable you to arrive at a suitable hull form that will carry the volume you need. gilfillian.pdf

    You may also find these interesting: archief/Con...or multipurpose container carriers Deel I.pdf design.pdf
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