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    Scholarships in both the graduate and undergraduate levels are again being provided by The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers to encourage men and women to pursue studies in the naval architectural, marine engineering, ocean engineering or closely related fields. Scholarships are available to any student regardless of nationality, though distribution of funds to non-U.S. or Canadian citizens is limited to the relative proportion of SNAME membership represented by non-U.S. or Canadian citizens (currently about 23 percent). Applicants must be SNAME members, and preference is given to applicants planning to study in U.S. or Canadian schools. In special cases, U.S. or Canadian scholarship recipients can study at fully accredited international schools.

    Ship operating and shipbuilding companies, affiliated trades and universities, located in all sections of the country, have been notified of the availability of our graduate scholarships. Applicants for this program for the fall of 2005 may be obtained from Society headquarters. The completed application should be directed to Mr. Scott C. McClure, Chairman, Scholarships Committee, 601 Pavonia Avenue, Suite 400, Jersey City, NJ 07306, before the closing date of February 1, 2005.

    Factors considered in making the selection include scholastic ability, the candidate’s capacity to pursue advanced study, summer and co-op work experience, extra-curricular activities and other qualities indicative of prospective leadership status in the marine industry. For at least one scholarship, emphasis will be placed on recent employment of at least five years in the marine field as a factor for selection.

    In addition to the Graduate Program, the Society makes available a large number of undergraduate scholarships of $1,000 to $2,000 for students attending the Florida Atlantic University, Maine Maritime Academy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Texas A&M University, University of British Columbia, University of California/Berkeley, University of Michigan, University of New Orleans, SUNY Maritime College and Virginia Polytechnic Institute. Also, in recognition of the fact that Webb Institute provides a full tuition scholarship to all its undergraduate students, the Society supports the Webb program with annual contributions. This brings the Webb undergraduate program indirectly into the Society’s scholarship program.

    Those interested should contact the above institution directly and not the Society since nominations for Society undergraduate funds has been assigned to them.

    Scott C. McClure, Chairman
    Scholarships Committee

    For further information contact
    Erlinda Faustino (201) 798-4800
    x-3029 at The Society of Naval
    Architects and Marine Engineers
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