Schionning Troublemaker 9500?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by RBD, Aug 29, 2018.

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    Plans and kits seem to have been around for a while.... (5/6 years?). Can't seem to find any that have been built. Anyone know anything about this design?


    Specifications. (from Troublemaker 9500

    LOA 9.5 metres
    BOA 3.00 metres
    DRAFT (Keel Up) 0.200 metres
    DRAFT (Keel Down) 1.60 metres
    HEADROOM (Hulls) 1.85 metres
    FUEL CAPACITY 20 - 50 litres
    MAST HEIGHT 11 metres
    SAIL AREA (Main + Main) 37 sq metres
    PAYLOAD 800 kg
    DISPLACEMENT 2250 kg
    WATER CAPACITY 300 litres
    MOTOR OPTION 1 4 Kilowatt DC
    CRUISING SPEED 6-7 knots
    TOP SPEED 15+ knots
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    There are some details in that picture that make me think that it is, rather than a boat design, a render created by a cartoonist who is not a boat designer. I doubt very much that a unit has been built. Maybe I'm wrong, although I do not think so.
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    Troublemaker ? Very strange name. :eek: I suppose "Troublefinder" would have been worse. :)
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