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Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by gambolputty, May 24, 2010.

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    Anyone currently building or sailing a Scarab 9 tri? Any idea how it compares to a similar Farier tri in terms or build time, cost, seaworthiness, etc? Ideas on cost and time to build?
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    The Scarab 9 ist the multichiner tri from Kendrick. I have no information about the sailing qualities of the boat.

    TheScrarab 9 has so many chines on it's three hulls that filling and sanding all the seams to a ready for paint-finish will be a real hard job. For a proper set up and aligning of the panels you will need some molds. Beside the normal structural wheight of the panels, the seams will add up some pounds there. You can see that the newer design Scarab 650 has not so much chines and the panels are larger. I think this a better way to save cost and labour.

    If you are looking for a tri in this 30' range, take look at Hurt Hughes Designes. He has some good Tris and is using his cylinder molded plywood for a very fast and cost effective built. You can even mix plywood hulls with a more sophistcated main hull design. Kurt is a very expierienced designer draws excelent sailing boats.

    Grrreetings from the North Sea Coast, Michel
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