Savoy Truffle half-tonner designed by Paul Whiting?

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    SAVOY TRUFFLE half-tonner designed by Paul Whiting?, Berkeley Marine Center in SF Bay CA

    Pic by Cree Partridge
    JANUARY MIDWINTER RESULTS: "DIVISION iV — 1) Savoy Truffle, 1/2-tonner, Peggy Hickman; 2) Madhatter, Wylie Wabbtt. Colin Moore; 3) Volafile Agent, Moore 24. J.J. Durrett.", see
    Latitude 38 February 1987
    Compare: News T.htm
    Paul Whiting got a distributor in the US after winning quarter-ton cup in Texas with Magic Bus (MB) in -76. At least two quarter-tonners were imported. Maybe also other tonners like Savoy Truffle. I am trying to get into contact with Signature sean9c about this. Here is some info from Signature sean9c Jan 14 2011 at "I'm from socal. After the QTC a guy in LA contracted with Whiting to be the distributor for his boats in the US. I don't remember who the guy was, I do remember that he ran logistics for one of the airlines at LAX, sailed out of MDR and wasn't very experienced.
    This guy ordered 2 QT's from Whiting, the boats were to be shipped less hardware and rigging. The first boat arrives, it is a daggerboard boat, significantly different hull shape than MB way more distortion. I remember seeing the boat and being stunned, it was like they took a bow, middle and stern from 3 different boats , with the middle being a beach ball, and stuck them together. I'd seen MB and didn't think it's shape was particularly distorted, this new boat was way different.", see:
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