Satin Vanish Over Oiled Finish

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    Satin Varnish Over Oiled Finish

    I recently wooded and sealed the interior lapstrake planks and bilge framing on my 55 Barbour with Flood CFW5 (the oil version). This was after stripping all of the old yellowing varnish off and scrubbing with a mixture of TSP and bleach, pressure washing, and solvent washing with Coleman fuel.
    My intent was to turn my maintenance from a varnish to a oil routine. I will never paint a bilge again since time has shown me it simply doesn't last on an older boat with less than perfect frame fastenings. The stripped bilge sucked up nearly a gallon of this stuff and dried to a semi-hard surface. I tried to convince myself I was satisfied with the semi-flat workboat finish for a couple of days, I knew it was protected and would bead water. While installing gloss varnish on the hood and trim I noticed that the overlap areas with the Flood looked great.Today I lightly sanded the Flood soaked planking and coated the areas with Cabot Satin Varnish I had purchased for 2 dollars a can from Habitat for Humanity Store.
    This Post is simply to say the Flood is a great Sealer for varnish after drying for a couple of days, as well as that a good exterior satin varnish works well with a forgiving nature for runs and brushstrokes versus high-gloss.
    She looks great!
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