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Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by Allan, Apr 1, 2004.

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    Does anyone know anything about the Sangster 25' with a command bridge that was produced in British Columbia, Canada in the late 1970's. I'm trying find some basic information on this boat. I've located 1977 model with a blown engine and in need of some TLC, but I like the basic design of it and think it might be worth fixing up. If any one has any knowlegde of the company that made these boats as well as the specs. on them I would appreciate hearing from you.
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    [as we write i a lso have a sangster and trailer the company stopped production in 65 they are an excellent heull desigh I have fished on the west coast in some snotty weather and would not hrsitate to take a sangster out ther my eamil is I am in the process pf rebuilding the engoine in mine and i will nbe selling it iincluding trailer ,tandem when done for 11500.oo canadian I have photos i can email if u or anyone else is interestedI used to have ten kids in mine and a sea biscuit in tow It has brought many hours of pleasire I have an inboard outboar chev block 8cyl the boat has noit been run in the salt chuck to my knowledge Ph 250 5585989 vernon bc
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    I have a '77 Sangster here in Nanaimo. It's a great boat, very solidly built and seaworthy. You can check out the photos etc. here:

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