Salon Fllor Replacement

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Bill Peacock, Nov 20, 2017.

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    I want to replace some salon flooring which serves as engine access hatches for maintenance.Currently the hatches are 40x48" 3/4" plywood with with 2x4 framing inset 1.5" from the edges on the bottom side.Very heavy.
    I want to replace with some type of composite,perhaps coosa 15lb glassed on each side.Would this be appropriate for this application?Any ideas or experience with a similar project?

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    Welcome to the forum. Where in Florida are you?

    Engine compartment hatches need to be stiff and strong (yes, these are different) and tolerant of not only heat, but wild temperature swings, without binding, sticking, jamming, etc. Additionally, they need to usually "scup" water away from the hatch too, so not as simple as dropping some new planks in and calling a day. Without some images and/or the make, model and year of the boat, much more is simply guessing. This isn't a hard thing, though some general pitfalls are worth avoiding. Can you post an image?
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