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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by islands50, Oct 5, 2012.

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    First post, yet a long time reader yet short time member,

    What I am looking for is a vessel that can be used for both salmon and tuna fishing, I feel that something with at least a 15 ton hold, semi comfortable living arragment, I am thinking in the 37 to 44 ft range would be about correct.

    As far as range is conserned, I find that there is a lot of fishing out to and beyond 200 miles, so that requires not only hold compasidy to make it profitable but also have range. This requires a freezer hold. either a gen set to power the freezer unit or a seprate unit not unlike what is used for tractor trailer units.

    I have been leaning twords some of the designs by Dennis Swire, out of the United Kingdom, and also have looked at a lot of northern alantic and baltic sea boats. with a high forepeak, and piolot house intregrated.

    Speed is not a real issue, 10-12 knots max is more then enough, since most of my fishing will be in the 4-6 knot range, using west coast style of gear.

    I also have looked at the many fine designs by Tod Roberts, and think a few of them might work, of course with modifications from the intended design ie: a pleasure craft.

    The reason for the size of the vessel is the new US Coast Guard regs on new commerical vessels, over 50 ft long, IE: must meet class, although it does not state who's class.

    Thank you for your input afore hand

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    If you desire to build new rather than buy a good used one,look for design inspiration to the West Coast trollers.
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    I have looked at the west coast vessels. and they are a wonderful starting point, yet generaly speaking they are just not quite large enough in what you can pack in the hold, and have a freezer system also. most are ice boats. Though wonderful for near shore Salmon, I am looking for more Tuna then Salmon.

    Yes I am looking to build, in steel, for many reasons, but after looseing a wood boat in the late 90's I am afraid of them. personal choise as to building material. and also because you can intergrate so many other parts into the hull, fuel / water tanks, cooling system, sanatition etc.

    One other point about the available vessels, is age, there are a large number of good boats in Canada, but because of the Jones act, you are limited to a 5 ton net hold. in the USA on forgin built hulls.
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    http:// We have a very common 44 tuna fishing trawler here in South africa designed by Lavranos. I can PM you some pics and more details. The boat is used for tuna fishing as well as diamond ship in Namibia it survives the South african storms and heavy seas very well. Looks very similar to your drawing. But obviously not as fuel efficient as a Tad Robert design.
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    Tad Boat Designer

    I drew this one 27 years ago......back before I knew what I was doing....:D

    She is 40' by 13'4", with a simple vee bottom. Fuel is 1440 imperial gallons, main hold approx 385 cubic feet and bait hold is approximately 80 cubic feet. She would a comfortable sea boat, designed to fish Halibut in the Hecate Straits.

    Today I would make her a bit wider, keep the topsides vertical, make the bottom a bit flatter vee and add a narrow bilge panel. This would make her a bit harder to push but would increase capacity substantially.


  6. islands50
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    I like the design Tad, sorry for not replying sooner but work got in the way
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