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    Position: Sales Manager
    Start date: Soon as possible
    Country: China / Shenzen

    1. To maximize the sales of both new and brokerage yachts to clients within the office’s territory and – where agreed with the GMD – in other territories, achieving your monthly sales targets and keep overheads and expenses within budget limits.

    2. To build up and maintain a comprehensive contact list of clients, potential clients and trade intermediaries and suppliers and industry personnel and to maintain accurate records of all dealings with the same, in the company database (SalesForce) and appropriate files.

    3. To achieve Central Listings and Direct Listings of brokerage yachts to sell and ensure all the relevant data is accurately recorded and processed.

    4. To actively market and sell stock boats and other priority yachts as advised by the company from time to time.

    5. To establish an effective working relationship with the service department teams to ensure commissioning, handover and after-sales service for all new yachts sold to clients in the territory are handled in a professional manner.

    6. To report weekly the status of your new enquiries, sales achieved sales negotiations in hand and other market, competitor and client intelligence in a weekly report to the Managing Director and submit a management report on time to the Managing Director at the end of each month.

    7. To uphold the name and reputation of the company for professionalism, results, service, friendliness and high standards of integrity.

    8. To oversee the delivery of all yachts and ensure all contract terms and commitments are fulfilled.

    9. To undertake such other tasks and activities related to the business of the company as shall be reasonably requested or directed by the Managing Director from time to time.

    If you are interested in this position, send your contact details and Cv to:
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