sailing without being registered anywhere

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  1. Frosty

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    But we are not talking about import. Just checking in---thats immigration and customs.

    Its called pratique, requested with a yellow Q flag.

    You do'nt have immigration in Europe any more, Try going to Lybia or Egypt or even Morocco, Israel.
  2. michael pierzga
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    Err emm. when you check in you clear Immigration and then proceed to customs. Its the customs guys that take notice of ships papers...immigration looks at passports.
  3. Frosty

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    You have to do both . Some places its immigration first.

    At Immigration you will need to prove you arrived by boat ( your boat) and show ships papers and port arrival papers. ( You may have illegally wandered in under the fence)

    With a little imagination its not difficult to see all kinds of things a yachtie could get up to which is why I enjoy this freedom enough to stand up to people who abuse it.

    Its a great responsibility to be able to get your passport stamped out then walk back in to the country you just stamped out of till departure by your own boat when others are carefully ushered through high security onto a plane.

    In some countries I have had to clear guns too.

    I take it Michael you have not done any international checking out or in.
  4. swabbie

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    My experience differs, so I'm not sure where Frosty has sailed to/from internationally.
    When I departed from Sgp, Batam, NZ, Aus, Fiji, Turkey, Kos, Dubai, Muscat, HK I had to tie up at the secured Customs dock, present my Transit Log, passports, ships insurance, tax clearance, marina receipt if I stayed in one and tax rebate claim form. Once everything was stamped I was free to leave - out bound never permitted to re enter.

    In total not one of the 70 plus countries I've entered by sea or plane have I been allowed to re-enter after just having stamped my visa for departure. In Turkey you get fined Lr400 each day for being with out a visa
  5. WestVanHan
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    When I'm out on the coast,anything I don't like or am suspicious about-I'm on the phone to the Coast Guard or fisheries.

    There's a few people out there who were quite surprised to see a 65' hovercraft after them at 55 knots...
  6. Frosty

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    I did not say I re entered what I mean is I turned around and went back in to the country I had just been stamped out of to return to the boat and leave . In singapore it used to be a long bus ride but now --yes you have to go to iether one of 3 marinas or the 7 sisters islands and fly the q flag with all the ships.

    I too do not know of a country that you can re enter without an entry to another country first.
  7. swabbie

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    Living in Turkey expats could only get 90day visa, a pain in butt the when your building a 18month project. We had to leave every 85days 5days before visa ended and take out our yacht, sail to Greek waters for the day then return for reentry stamp.

    If you took a car or yacht into Turkey it got listed on your visa like family, it goes when you go.

    Then rules changed we had to stay out for 24hrs so I would sail to Kos, buy bacon and cheap booze, party with the EU tourists. Next morning I sail back with a young lady tourist as a 90day 'crew mate' till the next visa trip.
  8. pdwiley
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    EU allowed time to stay?

    OK, there seems to be a lot of confusion here so I'll ask a direct question.

    Assuming an Australian registered boat and Australian crew, what is the maximum period you can be continuously in EU waters without triggering payment of import duty, VAT etc?

    IOW what's the period before deemed import has taken place?

    Secondly, what's the maximum period of a cruising visa for Australians?

    It's a couple years at least before any answers have a practical use and rules change (constantly) but enquiring minds want to know.....

  9. michael pierzga
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    For the European union foreign flags owned by non EU nationals can spend 18 months before tax is levied. .

    Always seek pro advice on the tax can change, can be interpreted differently, can be arbitrary

    At present I understand 18 months. Presently I am working to conform a non Eu flag yacht to Spanish tax interpretation. The tax authorities are requiring that I submit tax returns for the owner of the yacht to prove that he is a tax resident of a non EU country. This is new.
  10. michael pierzga
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    michael pierzga Senior Member

    For the Australian passport I believe you are on a "tourist" visa so 90 days in. Other visas may be possible.

    Always double check what you hear on the internet
  11. watchkeeper

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    You can be in EU water indefinately without paying VAT or any form of tax - until you take up residence in a country or change flag.

    My NZ reg yacht has been in EU water since 2005, winters in southern Turkey yard licensed for foreign yachts and I have never been required to pay a tax to any of the countries I sail into over summer.
    I call up the harbour master, get permission to come in or anchor, get directions to customs, jump in my RHIB, present my pp, insurance docs, transit log to customs and immigration, declare anything I need to like dog, weapons, booze, length of stay etc and thats it.
    Customs in some countries like the Greece will force yachts to repurchase a new transit log at every island which is just simply BS theft but its better to pay than have the hassle of boat and owner arrested.

    All you need is all your documents in order, and no illegal substances on board - occassionally a yacht will get searched or customs bring a dog on board - dope or explosives residue
  12. michael pierzga
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    michael pierzga Senior Member

    Turkey is not the EU. Only 18 months allowed in the EU. I don't know Turkish regs. but I would expect them to mimic EU regulations since Turkey is applying for membership. With the Southern EU countries in economic distress much attention is being paid to collecting revenue.

    The Greek transit log is a pain in the but. Check out and check into each port. Almost as onerous as cruising in the US.

    Croatian Transit logs are reasonable..they must only be updated when you make a crew change.

    The French are clever and carefully examine your ships logbook looking for overstay in EU waters.

    In the North...the Baltic Sea , Ive not had any difficulties. .

    The Italians don't seem to notice.

    In Spain, I "Customs bond " the boat . Customs bonding means that the yacht is locked to the dock, cant be moved , cant be used, and is theoretically under maintenance at a shipyard. This Customs bonded time is not considered as part of your 18 months. I believe you can play the customs bond trick for up to 5 years.

    Always check with a professional...never believe what I say.
  13. goprisko
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    Virtually everything Said Above is RUBBISH!!!!!

    The Singapore Transponder thing above is FALSE!!!!!

    The Thailand seizure thing above is FALSE!!!!

    Sailing in SE Asia is low stress, and the people and officials are extremely helpful!!!

    Yes, a vessel must be registered.........

    So, do it in Langkawi!!!!

    You can even do it online!!!!

    Go here....................

    and "Chill Out!!"

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    Welcome to

    Frosty is no longer a member...

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    PAR Yacht Designer/Builder

    This thread is also about a year old.
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