sailing without being registered anywhere

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    Passports were "created" about 150 years ago for purposes of allowing the holders of the passport to go about the land quicker for business that was agreed between the two countries. Before that most people recogonized the right of travel and respected that right.

    As time went on, states saw it as a way of controlling others and greatly profiting, only those "credentialed" could get visas. As time went on other forms of chains and boundries were thought of to limit trade and extract monies.

    Eventhough the UN is a wicked group, they have laws that correspond with the true ancient law established by the Father in Heaven and some truth will be revealed to you by study of the pertinent customs and usages which are of old and forever.

    What they have done is called "bifurcation", and its like a piece of paper that say aknowledges your lawful ownership of a boat, but as a result of you making pledges, accepting benefits, registering, and mostly just plain ignorance of the law, what has become is they have laid on top of the title is clear plastic layers where you can see your ownership rights but cant reach them because of the other binding agreements you made, whether knowingly or ignorantly.

    Need to read the whole post as this is a very interesting and important topic. True lovers of liberty are constantly engaged with the world over the blessings that were bestowed to man through Jesus the Messiah, but the world wants to take away through trickery. Before any idea can physically take hold, an agreement of the minds needs to take place and that is where the fight is. Boundries dont exist other than in the minds of men, at the same time, foolish men are willing to die for them. Be prudent and diligent in your studies.

    Only the author of liberty can give you true freedom and bear in mind you will be thought of as strange, unwielding, uncivil, etc..., but when you know the truth and the power it affords I hope you will faithfully continue to follow.

    Ask and you shall recieve, knock and the door will be opened.

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    Seems you are already a PT, but don't know you are one.
    PT= Permanent Tourist,Perpetual Traveller,Prior Taxpayer etc etc. look into "3 Flags"

    Do everything via a lawyer,then you have privilege. There are many scam websites,stick with law companies.
    If you want to play,you have to pay.

    Just remember: even though there is all the recent news about clamping down on Swiss bank accounts (they've been no good for years) those in government will always have a back door for themselves.
    They don't pass seemingly silly laws that benefit corporations because they are stupid-they do so to benefit.
    And the benefits are in offshore anonymous foundations.

    The secret is to find out exactly what they are doing.
  4. Frosty

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    Is that what you were looking for?

    When you lie and cheat you got to have a good memory, your going to jail. and, and If you come to Thailand you 'will' be refused entry and if you stay in thai waters trying to duck out of veiw and cheat,--- your will be arrested, I can promise it.

    Ive sailed in and out of Thailand, Malaysia , Singapore for the last 20 years. Ive seen people loose boats for no more than staying over 6 months, the boat was auctioned (kind of) and some money --a little bit put ion to bank account of your choice.

    Another note if you set foot by 1 mile in Singapore waters without radio identification (a transponder) you will be arrested, dont even think about messing with Singapore. They will have you on radar before you pass Pulau Pissang. to Horseburough light house.

    <insult towards other forum member removed>
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  5. Frosty

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    Thanks Jeff for tidying that up, it looks a lot better now.
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    Boat registration your self acting as company president; as opposed to the accountant or banker doing it acting as VP or secretary. Letters of incorp should state who can do what, namely, you the pres can do anything solo. Others can do nothing solo. So you can sell the boat w/o approval/signature of others, but they can't with out your signature. If this is totally foreign to you, be careful and work with someone you can trust (and find :D)
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    (frosty, there is what i write there is what you read, but mostofall there is what you understand and how your brain put things in order-> do a bit of meditation, work on your perceptions it'll help & teach you how to relate with other, best of luck)

    could not agree more & will probably follow that route
    more stupid question to come from me once i have started building !
  8. mikakun2012
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    great guy

  9. Frosty

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    Prison food is terrible over here, You will sleep 100 to a cell and dont even ask about a toilet. When I say toilet I mean --- well youle see Yes its all true you see on the telly

    Forge documents at your risk.
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    "please dont be the one that destroys this for us."

    ...I would like to support Frosty here, he referrs to other yachties, I would have said the same, it is the unpainted alloy French boats in the pacific that have caused many of the bureaucratic nightmares "we" have to live with.
  11. Landlubber
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    Landlubber Senior Member is NOT free thinking , it is bugger you jack I am allright attitude.
  12. Frosty

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    Oh--you get those too, lock up the outboards and pack the dinghy , roll up the hose pipe its all gonna disappear in the middle of the night.

    I don't see the problem with paper work . Its so simple to do. Im doing my renewal now --its just 25 pounds!!! for 5 years.

    If your a criminal or you stole the boat then that might be different.
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    Funny you mention " The Great Unpainted" class.

    Ive got one in port now. I was having a beer with the owner a few days ago...telling sea stories and whatnot ....and he told me his secret for ship registration.

    He re flags his boat in every country he visits !!!.. Upon arrival in a new country he simply strolls up to the marine store and purchases a new national flag ! and Presto...he is a local good ole boy

    Authorities never look at local flags....................
  14. Frosty

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    I see you never leave Spanish waters Micheal. You and every one needs a courtesy flag. Some countries more keen than others.

  15. Frosty

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    I see you never leave Spanish waters Micheal. You and every one needs a courtesy flag. Some countries more keen than others.

    This kind of Flag etiquette will land you in serious trouble in the East where borders are still kept.

    I suppose drifting through Gibraltar wont cause to much attention. But if tyou were to try to sail Egyptian then who knows
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